Performed Solomon Really Grab an Egyptian Bride-to-be?

Performed Solomon Really Grab an Egyptian Bride-to-be?

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Perhaps not Pharaoh’s Daughter. Which coffin safety belonged so you can a lady exactly who lived in Thebes through the Egypt’s twenty-first Dynasty. Even if their particular term was not managed, she seems to have come wealthy and you will belonged to your clerical class-since conveyed from the variety of their coffin safeguards. New lady resided within the same day since Solomon’s bride to be, brand new unnamed child out-of Pharaoh, might have stayed. 0.

His harem is given in the 700 spouses and you can 3 hundred concubines (step one Leaders 11:3)-seriously an exaggeration. Predicated on step 1 Leaders eleven, the guy and additionally grabbed foreign wives, several of who led your to idolatry. Instance, meet up with their Moabite wives, he situated a great shrine with the Moabite goodness Chemosh. Brand new biblical author trembles which have indignation whenever reporting Solomon’s falling away.

It is not superior you to Solomon is ally himself that have queens on countries as much as him. Such as had been regal arrange for of numerous leaders while in the ancient Near East background. Yet that which was superior is actually for Solomon to own ily (1 Leaders step three:1).

That was therefore exceptional regarding it? Capture for-instance it replace used in one of several famous Amarna Characters (c. 14th century B.C.Age.), written by this new Babylonian king Kadashman-Enlil II with the Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep III, over three years before the duration of Solomon:

Additionally, you my buddy, whenever i typed to you personally on the marrying their child, in line with the practice of not providing (good daughter) you published if you ask me “Away from forever no daughter of queen out of Egypt try made available to individuals.” … I wrote as follows … Upload me personally a beautiful lady because if she have been your child. Who can say, “The woman is no child of queen!” However, holding on the choice, you haven’t sent somebody. step 1

Considering biblical student Abraham Malamat, you will find one almost every other illustration of a possible Egyptian princess being supplied to a foreign ruler-to help you King Nikmad out of Ugarit, based on an Ugaritic file portraying the brand new at the finishes your queen probably don’t get married a real daughter of the pharaoh but rather a member of this new regal harem. The newest Greek historian Herodotus reports one Queen Amasis from Egypt actually would not promote their dbyses, queen off Persia (Records, Publication III:1). dos

The alliance out of Solomon and you can Egypt, if the real, is really an exclusion. The question is actually, was just about it a bona-fide happening otherwise an empty brag? Malamat’s analogy out-of Ugarit brings at least a limited precedent. Indeed, the fresh Egyptian leader who gave an enthusiastic “Egyptian princess” in order to Nikmad went far above exactly what Amenhotep III is actually willing to carry out into the Babylonian monarch. A look at the biblical text message recounting Solomon’s marriage to help you an enthusiastic Egyptian princess seems to be in check.

Queen Solomon is well-known for their information and, among other things, their of several arital relationships

After step 1 Leaders 2, Solomon has consolidated their rule. Part step three begins with breaking information: “Solomon developed a married relationship alliance that have Pharaoh, queen away from Egypt, bringing the child out-of Pharaoh because a partner, and you will bringing their particular [to live on] in the city off David, until the guy accomplished strengthening his palace, therefore the Forehead off YHWH, in addition to wall structure encircling Jerusalem” (author’s translation).

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Quick forward to 1 Kings 9:24: “Once Pharoah’s child went up on City of David for the household [Solomon] got designed for their particular, he then rebuilt the Millo citadel.” Once more, the text states Pharaoh’s daughter mainly with respect to Solomon’s strengthening methods. Sadly, no-one enjoys understood the house otherwise castle Solomon is said to own built for his Egyptian partner, but some scholars has recognized the brand new Millo with the very-entitled Wandered Stone Design inside the Jerusalem. 3